15 August 2012

Absence of Abstinence: Step-By-Step Making Of

I have just included a step-by-step Making Of guide for my Absence of Abstinence image here:


6 July 2012

The Absence of Abstinence

This is my interpretation of the iconic Green Fairy, with a twist…... if she grew addicted to drinking the absinthe beverage that she promotes.

It took a while to finish up with this image, but I learned a lot with using ZBrush and Modo, and also took away a stronger grasp with composition, lighting and attention to detail.

I used Zbrush for sculpting and posing the body and dress, as well as Zbrush fiber mesh to create the hair and sequins on the dress.

I used maya for hard surface rendering and Modo was used for all rendering passes. I followed the lighting methods described in Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo Trailer behind the scenes panel video they released (sorry can't find the link at the moment) and I found there methods very useful to quickly get the exact look I wanted with this image.

Middle mouse click to get  higher resolution images


27 February 2012

Steampunk - Cheeky Chick

At long last I've gotten around to finishing my latest image. I tried to just paint from my imagination and memory without looking at much reference material. Had a few tips given to me with the face, and wished I used reference material from the start, haha. Anyway hope you enjoy it.