11 September 2011

Post Apocalyptic - Deforestation

This months Art Jam theme is "Post Apocalyptic"

I really didn't want to do a stereotypical city ruin image with a Gears of War character standing amongst the smoke trying to look all cool.

So I decided to show a different side of what post apocalyptic would mean for other parts of the globe, and how it would not only effect people working in office buildings in new york.

Again, I tried some different techniques here to what I usually do by using vector silhouettes to quickly pull out a composition, then roughly worked in detail and focal points. I kept the image loose overall, as I didn't want to spend a lot of time on details that would not add to what I wanted the image to show.

Hope you like it! here's a breakdown image for anyone interested, tho it's pretty straight forward...

4 September 2011

James & The Fat Controller

This image was a bit of fun :-)

Part of my company's monthly art-jam. (just a bunch of artists getting together and having fun creating some personal work)

This month's theme was 80's TV, so I wanted to go out of my way to create something not so popular in the artist realm (eg, not transformers and voltron)

I started this image as a quick 3D render to quickly get the perspective right, then I jumped straight into photoshop and slowly build up colours and value, and working the details in.

Also finished it off with some filtering techniques and some CC light rays in After effects ;-)

Here's also some breakdowns of my workflow:

Fun In The Flurry

Here's another image I've been meaning to upload here:

This image was inspired by background paintings done by Eyvind Earle for
the Walt Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. The story behind this image
is about a boy playing in the snow, watching how his leaf-parachute
dances in the wind, and making the most of a situation that most people
would not find joyful. I attempted to produce the simple yet detailed
brush strokes seen in the Sleeping Beauty film. I also focused on
keeping strong silhouettes, while creating movement for the eye to dance
around the picture in theme of the dancing leaf-parachute.

Major Website Updates!

Hi Folks,

I've finally got around to updating my website after nearly 2 years!
Nearly every section includes some new additions and I've also fixed up a lot of problems with how it used to load up.

Unfortunately I haven't updated my Demo Reel as most of the work I do these days is top secret! (non disclosure agreements)

anyway, enjoy! I'll be posting up a few more things here soon too!